🧰 How it Works

Cheapest, most secure, and greener cloud asset is the one that doesn’t exist.

The foundation of our Unutilized Resource Detection Algorithm lies in analyzing the CloudWatch CPU Usage and NetworkOut metrics

🛠 Setup

Quickly connect your AWS accounts with our user-friendly wizard and CloudFormation template, it only takes a minute! 🧙

🤖 Analyze

unusd.cloud will securely scan your AWS accounts using read-only permissions to identify running or orphaned assets across all regions 🌎, helping you optimize your cloud usage.

Supported services (Usual Suspects):

  1. EC2 Instances
  2. RDS Instances
  3. IAM Principals (Users, Roles)
  4. Detached EBS Volumes
  5. Unused Elastic IPs
  6. Redshift Clusters
  7. SageMaker Notebooks
  8. Glue DevEndpoints
  9. More to come…

📯 Report

After analyzing your accounts, 💸 unusd.cloud will send you a digest report to your preferred communication channel (Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email) containing insights on unusd resources and their associated current and forecasted costs 💰

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🗯 Integrate with tools you already use

Our reports are delivered directly to your team’s preferred communication channels: Email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams

🔄 Scan, Turn off, Save Money

We offers a powerful solution for waste detection on AWS. Our product supports multiple AWS services, including EC2, RDS, IAM Principals (Users & Roles), Glue DevEndpoints, Redshift, SageMaker notebooks, Detached EBS volumes, and unusd Elastic IPs. With unusd.cloud, you can easily identify and eliminate any unused resources, saving you time and money on your AWS bill and reducing your attack surface.

🫶 What Our Client says