How it Works

Cheapest, most secure, and greener cloud asset is the one that doesn’t exist.


Quickly connect your AWS accounts with our user-friendly wizard and CloudFormation template, it only takes a minute! 🧙

Analyze will securely scan your AWS accounts using read-only permissions to identify running or orphaned assets across all regions 🌎, helping you optimize your cloud usage.

Supported services (Usual Suspects):

  1. EC2 Instances
  2. RDS Instances
  3. Glue DevEndpoints
  4. Redshift Clusters
  5. SageMaker Notebooks
  6. Detached EBS Volumes
  7. Unused Elastic IPs
  8. More to come…


After analyzing your accounts, 💸 will send you a report to your preferred notification channel (Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email) containing insights on unused resources and their associated current and forecasted costs 💰

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Integrate with tools you already use

Our reports are delivered directly to your team’s preferred communication channels 📣 - Email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams

Cost, Security and Carbon awareness helps you reduce your environmental impact 🍃 by identifying and shutting down mistakenly active assets, lowering your security risks 🔒, and decreasing your AWS bills 🗒️.

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