How it Works

Cheapest, most secure, and greener cloud asset is the one that doesn’t exist.


It only takes a minute to enter your AWS accounts using our step-by-step wizard 🧙 and our CloudFormation template.

Legitimate assets

For sure you are running different assets that are legitimate. To avoid any unwanted notifications, use a user-defined AWS tag 🏷️ (unusd by default) on these assets.

Generally, our customers are adding this tag in their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) or by using AWS Tag Editor to spread across all the account. All other assets are either suspected to be handmade ✋ or orphaned assets and mistakenly left active.

Analyze will start to analyze securely with read-only permissions your AWS accounts to search for assets left running or orphaned assets across all AWS regions 🌎.

Supported services (Usual Suspects):

  1. EC2 Instances
  2. RDS Instances
  3. Glue DevEndpoints
  4. Redshift Clusters
  5. SageMaker Notebooks
  6. Detached EBS Volumes
  7. Unused Elastic IPs
  8. More to come…


Following this analysis, will send to your defined notification channel(s) (Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email) a report with insights about unusd cloud resources, current and forecasted spend 💰.

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Integrate with tools you already use

Reports are sent using your team existing communication channels 📣: Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams

Cost, Security and Carbon awareness reduces your carbon footprint 🍃 by making you aware of assets you mistakenly left running for a while and then reduces your attack surface 🔒 and finally your bills 🗒️

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