Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support the following AWS Services:

  1. EC2 Instances
  2. Detached EBS Volumes
  3. RDS Instances
  4. IAM Principals (Users, Roles)
  5. Unused Elastic IPs
  6. Redshift Clusters
  7. SageMaker Notebooks
  8. Glue DevEndpoints
  9. More to come…

The unusd detection algorithm is based on the following Amazon CloudWatch Metrics: CPU Usage AND Network Out on the last 7 days.

The state of EBS Volumes and Elastic IPs is determined by their attachment status, while for IAM, it is determined by the latest activity data supplied by AWS.

We take security seriously: For secure operations on, we take measures such as encrypting data in transit and at rest, implementing the Least Privilege Principle, and using governance tools like AWS GuardDuty, CloudTrail, and AWS Config.

We also protect our API with rate limiting and authorization. We only have access to metadata and metrics, not your data.