Frequently Asked Questions

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We currently support the following detection on AWS Services:

  1. EC2 Instances
  2. RDS Instances
  3. Snapshots (EBS/RDS)
  4. Infinite CloudWatch LogGroups
  5. IAM Users
  6. IAM Roles
  7. SageMaker Notebooks
  8. SageMaker Endpoints
  9. SageMaker Apps
  10. Detached EBS Volumes
  11. Redshift Clusters
  12. Unused Elastic IPs
  13. Glue DevEndpoints
  14. Ask for more
The detection algorithm for identifying unused elements relies on specific CloudWatch Metrics, which are evaluated over the past period. When it comes to EBS Volumes and Elastic IPs, the algorithm analyzes their attachment state. For Snapshots, the algorithm verifies if they are older than 90 days. As for IAM, the algorithm takes into account the latest activity data from AWS.

We take security seriously: For secure operations on, we take measures such as encrypting data in transit and at rest, implementing the Least Privilege Principle (read-only IAM Role), and using security and governance Services like AWS GuardDuty, CloudTrail, and AWS Config.

We also protect our API with rate limiting and a strong authorization mechanism. We only have access to metadata and metrics, not your business or personal data.