🛠 One Minute Setup

Add your AWS Accounts and set your desired configuration:

  • Scan schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, or custom)
  • Email recipient(s) for digest reports
  • Enable Slack or Microsoft Teams integration (Optional)

🖱️ Agentless deployment

Deploy our read-only 👀 IAM Role (with Provided CloudFormation template) that allows unusd.cloud to analyze all your AWS accounts across all regions 🌎.

🤖 Analyze and Report

Our app will craft personalized digest reports with unusd AWS assets across all your Accounts and Regions.

The detection algorithm for identifying unused elements relies on specific Amazon CloudWatch Metrics. For EBS Volumes and Elastic IPs, the algorithm examines their attachment state, while for IAM, it considers the most recent activity data.

Reports will be sent to your preferred communication channel(s) 📣 Slack, Microsoft Teams or by Email.

🛎️ Supported services (Usual Suspects):

1. EC2 Instances
2. RDS Instances
3. EBS/RDS Snapshots
4. Infinite CloudWatch LogGroups
5. IAM Principals (Users, Roles)
6. SageMaker: Notebooks, Endpoints, Apps
7. Redshift Clusters
8. Detached EBS Volumes
9. Unused Elastic IPs
10. Glue DevEndpoints
11. More to come...

Learn more in our Documentation