Add your AWS Accounts and set your desired configuration:

  • Scan schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, custom)
  • Email recipient(s) for reports
  • Slack or Microsoft Teams integration (Optional)

OneClick deployment

Setup the provided read-only 👀 IAM Roles that allows to analyze all your AWS accounts across all regions 🌎.

Analyze and Report will craft personalized reports with unusd cloud assets across all your AWS Accounts and AWS Regions.

The unusd detection algorithm is based on the following CloudWatch Metrics: CPU Usage AND NetworkOut on the last 7 days Average. For EBS and EIP, it is based on the attachment state.

This report will be sent to your preferred communication channel(s) 📣 Slack, Microsoft Teams or by Email.

Supported services (Usual Suspects):

1. EC2 Instances
2. RDS Instances
3. Glue DevEndpoints
4. Redshift Clusters
5. SageMaker Notebooks
6. Detached EBS Volumes
7. Unused Elastic IPs
8. More to come...