A CTO's Guide to smarter AWS Cost Management

A CTO's Guide to smarter AWS Cost Management

🦁 Taming the Cloud Spend Beast

Navigating the seas of AWS spending requires a keen eye and a steady hand.

As CTOs, you’re tasked with ensuring that your company’s cloud investments are just that—investments, not mere expenses. 🕵️‍♂️

☁️ Native AWS Services

Let’s dive into the AWS services designed to make your financial oversight not just possible, but effective.

AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer: Your financial binoculars, giving you a clear view of your spending patterns over time.

Cost Explorer Console

Cost and Usage Report (CUR)

Cost and Usage Report (CUR): The detailed ledger of your AWS usage and costs, providing the data you need for deep dives into your expenses.

We will clearly evaluate your Excel skills here.

Cost and Usage Report (CUR) CSV File

Compute Optimizer

Compute Optimizer: Your engine for efficiency, recommending optimal AWS resources to reduce costs and improve performance.

This is a paid AWS service 🤑

Compute Optimizer Screenshot

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor Cost optimization section: Acts as your fiscal advisor, pinpointing opportunities to cut costs and streamline your cloud spend.

Trusted Advisor Screenshot

CloudWatch Billing Alarms

CloudWatch Billing Alarms: Your lookout, sending alerts when spending anomalies are detected, allowing for proactive cost management.

CloudFormation Template CW Billing

🔗️ CloudFormation Alarms Template


The quest to forge these services into a cohesive cost-management strategy is not unlike piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle 🧩. And while AWS provides the pieces, it’s up to you to assemble them into a coherent picture.

Yet, the act of constantly checking and correlating data from these disparate services can be a job in itself. That’s why the final piece of your financial management toolkit could be unusd.cloud. Our platform is the lens that brings all your cost and unused assets data into focus, delivering it to your operational teams without the need for them to seek it out.

💸️ unusd.cloud’s value proposition

  • Proactive Insights: Get reports and waste alerts delivered to you (Email, Slack, MS Teams), rather than chasing down the information.
  • Operational Efficiency: Free your team from the tedium of financial monitoring, allowing them to focus on what they do best.
  • Eliminate Waste: Let your team be aware of resources they forgot to turn off during their experimentations. Keep the liberty to try new things, but with a cost savvy approach.

With these tools and services, you can sail through the fog of cloud costs with confidence, ensuring that every dollar spent propels your company forward. 🚀 Remember, in the cloud, visibility is not just about seeing things clearly — it’s about foreseeing and acting decisively.

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A CTO's Guide to smarter AWS Cost Management

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